The 7th Annual Vancouver Spring Show™ - Open Audition

Audition Dates:
Motion Artistry Studio,
Unit 250 - 12551 Vickers Way, Richmond BC

How to enter:

  1. Based on your inspirations from Mr. Bian’s music, create an original piece which showcases your area of specialty.
    • Horse Racing

      The single most iconic Erhu solo created originally by Huang Hai Huai in 1964. This remake is played using the electric Erhu co-invented by Bian Liu Nian and Roland.
    • Violin Concerto in A Minor - First Movement

      Bach's classic is recomposed by Bian Liu Nian for his compilation album of European classics interpreted in Chinese classical instruments.
    • Lights of Blue

      This original composition is an iconic Bian creation for his speaker series "Technology in Music".
  2. To present your work to us, fill out 
    The Application Form
     to book an audition time.
  3. Visit us at the Motion Artistry studio, where you will present your work. A videotaped session of your audition will be reviewed by the production team. If you are unable to make it to any of the auditions for any reason, feel free to send us a video or audio file of your work by e-mail to
  4. Finalists will be notified in January; and the top finalist will be given the opportunity to visit Mr. Bian’s studio in Beijing to develop the piece further.

What we are looking for:

  • At least three acts which would be further developed to integrate seamlessly into our 2016 line up
  • ORIGINALITY: combine your creation with Mr. Bian’s music but the piece should have a strong personality to it that tells us about who you are
  • VARIETY: this audition is not limited to dancers, musicians, and singers – we welcome magicians, circus acts, painters…

Finalists will receive:

  1. An individual spot on the stage of The 2016 Vancouver Spring Show™
  2. Professional compensation for your act
  3. The rare opportunity to work alongside a world-class composer

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